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  • SapOnAzure – Monitoring and Auditing (Part 6)

    Cloud Security Tips In today’s digital landscape, business are increasingly levaraging cloud-based solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity. One such critical system is SAP, these workloads handle sensitive data and generally support mission-critical operations, it’s become imperative to implement robust auditing and monitoring practices. This article explores the significance of auditing and monitoring SAP […]

  • SapOnAzure – Identity and Access Management (Part 2)

    Cloud Security Tips As I wrote in the first post from this sequence, this post will covered good cloud security tips for Identity and Access Management. Identity provides the basis for wide variety for security assurance, while access management protects data and resources helping you to decide who has access or not. So, regarding these […]

  • Microsoft Security Copilot

    AI-powered security analysis tool After announcing an AI-powered Copilot assistant for Office apps, Microsoft is turning its attention to Security. Microsoft Security Copilot is an assistant for cybersecurity teams, design for simply and help company identified and respond security incident in minutes instead hours and days. The magic behind the scene it’s the Microsoft Copilot […]